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About: The evasive action of Aqeel (Admiral) Akber is a collection of all the things I, Aqeel Akber, tends to do when I could be doing something else. It involves going on tangents in my studies, tinkering with things I really should not be and the odd open discussion worthy thought.
You will find log entries in the chapter titled Admiral’s Log.

At the moment I am doing System Administration along side my studies and work in Physics. I have no formal qualifications for this job so a lot log entries are my working/learning experiences with GNU/Linux.

Also, I am happy to say this website runs entirely GPL software!

  1. WordPress (GPL)
  2. Jetpack Plugin (GPL), for enhanced discussions, sharing and social network integration, subscriptions and mobile themes. Third party may be downloaded. For example, users Gravatar data may be downloaded, my public Twitter feed, social network comments integration.
  3. Akismet Plugin (GPL), for spam filtering. Sorry, this one sends your comments through to Akismets servers for filtering before they arrive here. I was getting a lot of spam and it will have to do until I have an alternative.
  4. Authorsure Plugin (GPL), for Google Authorship integration.

About me: I am a Physics undergraduate at the Australian National University. Other than science my interests are in I.T, sustainability and social equality.

I am a nerdfighter and I have recently started blogging at The Evasive Action of Aqeel (Admiral) Akber and despite the alias, I am in fact a much larger Star Trek fan than Star Wars. I enjoy the honest, non-violent, opinions of other humans and the discussion of abstract and philosophical topics.

Twitter: @AdmiralAkber

For those unaware of the origin of the Admiral reference in popular culture, consult the resources below:

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      Yeah, unfortunately no one has a copy including ‘Take evasive action’ up any more. NBD…


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